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Town of Saugerties Approves Comprehensive List of Studies to be Performed for Winston Farm Property; Results Will Outline the Site’s Development Potential

Methodical Reviews of the Environment, Traffic, Water and Other Considerations Can Help Shape Project as a Model of Sustainable Development and Smart Growth

Read the Scoping Document here

SAUGERTIES, N.Y. (Jan. 4, 2023) – The Saugerties Town Board Wednesday night approved a list of numerous required studies and reviews to help determine the development potential of Winston Farm, a transformative proposal adjacent to the New York State Thruway’s Exit 20.

The public scoping document compiles the list of studies that will be conducted; the studies and data collection will occur during the next several months. The results will be included in the preparation of a Generic Environmental Impact Statement and will evaluate the potential for impacts of development on the environment, habitat, traffic, water sources and more. The findings will help shape a detailed rezoning proposal for the site and provide data and analysis for the Town Board to consider a zoning change for the property. A detailed rezoning plan would be reviewed by Town of Saugerties officials and include opportunities for the public to comment.

Winston Farm, at 119 Augusta Savage Road, proposes conceptual uses that include tourism, entertainment, recreation, commercial/retail, technology, hospitality, housing and significant open space. The property is best known for hosting the Woodstock ’94 music festival. It also has long been considered a desirable property due to its location, scale, topography and scenic views. These amenities led the Hudson Valley Economic Development Corp. to previously designate Winston Farm as the prime development location in the Hudson Valley.“

This precise list of studies, which was determined through the valuable input of our community, Town of Saugerties officials and the Town’s consultants, will power creation of a comprehensive, detailed vision for Winston Farm,” said spokesman Josh Sommers. “This is an opportunity to make Winston Farm a model for smart, sustainable development that also preserves abundant open space and enhances quality of life for generations to come.”

The studies are being paid for by Winston Farm. Learn more at

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