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The initial conceptual plan for Winston Farm, listed below, is divided into several subsections to provide a complementary mix of housing, tourism, entertainment, commercial/retail activity and ecological preservation. The public scoping process required by New York State law, and close collaboration with community residents and municipal officials, will help determine environmental factors that will be studied. That process also will influence identification of the specific components and locations that will comprise a final proposal to Saugerties. In addition, the developers are committed to preserving a substantial amount of open space on the property.

  1. Low-Density Residential (272 acres)
    Single-family lots
    Estate lots
  2. High-Density Residential (74 acres)
    Public park and residential
    Multi-family housing
    Village (high-density single family)
    Rehabilitated Snyder Farm House and Barn
    Single-family lots
  3. Perimeter Commercial (123 acres)
    Indoor waterpark and hotel
    Stormwater management
    Amphitheater and event center
  4. Central Recreation (295 acres)
    Boutique hotel and open space
    Campgrounds – mixed use
  5. High-Tech Commercial (47 acres)
    Tech and business park
    Stormwater management
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